He Said, She Said: Top 10 Secrets to Everlasting Love

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He Said, She Said: Top 10 Secrets to Everlasting Love

Denny’s isn’t necessarily the first place you’d think to go if you were lookin’ for love. My parents’ love story might make you think otherwise, however. Forty years ago, working the night shift at a Denny’s in Atlanta to pay for college, my dad never imagined he’d find a Grand Slam that wasn’t on the menu. At 19, my mom never thought her summer waitressing gig would help her land a man who could bring home the bacon — literally. Today, on their 34th wedding anniversary, I gave them an assignment to send me a list of the “Top 10 Secrets to Everlasting Love”, as well as what it was initially that made their particular relationship special. They had to submit them separately, without sharing with each other. My mom told me that she knew my dad was the one because, “He always gave me butterflies. We were so hot for each other, and it all happened really quickly.” My dad said, “I think I am supposed to say ‘her personality’. It was really her sense of humor and her long black hair – she was (IS!) very attractive.”  

While we hope to learn from our own personal experiences in life and love, there is so much to gain from the relationships of others, as well. While I was disappointed that neither of my parents mentioned maple syrup as a secret ingredient to their marriage, I hope you enjoy their words of wisdom as much as I do (even if some make me cringe!). Who knows? Maybe the next time any of us are at a diner, chowing down on scrambles and home fries, we’ll feel inspired to put our forks and phones down, and look into each other’s eyes…

He Said: Top 10 Secrets to Everlasting Love

1.) Never go to bed angry.

2.) Spend more time listening than talking.

3.) Split the housework.

4.) Exercise together. 

5.) Get 2 TVs.

6.) Vacation without the kids.

7.) Have date nights without the kids.

8.) See a chick flick together.

9.) Get a king size bed.

10.) Agree on disciplining your kids.

She Said: Top 10 (or 13!) Secrets to Everlasting Love

1.) If your partner has a passion, and it ain’t yours… be supportive.

2.) When your partner needs something from the store, don’t forget it.

3.) Listen to every play-by-play of the game, even if you don’t give a shit.

4.) Always say please and thank you, no matter how many decades you’ve been together.

5.) If your partner asks you to please bring him something, do it immediately. Don’t say, “In a minute” or “after I finish this email or text.”

6.) When I hand my husband his dinner, I always say “made with love”. He believes it and is always grateful.

7.) Figure out who does what in the relationship and don’t slack off.

8.) Forgive and apologize when necessary in order to remain healthy.

9.) Respect your partner (in public and private). We all have shortcomings. Don’t advertise them.

10.) Let your man control the remote at all times.

11). Never refuse sex. Even if you’re not in the mood… you’ll always feel better afterwards.

12.) Watch what you say. Words cannot be taken back and can cause permanent damage.

13.) Don’t forget each other’s details.


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  1. Susan Goldsmith says:

    Erin, Susan Goldsmith here. I have been trying to find your parents and am thrilled to find this on fb. I think of your family often and wonder how you all are doing, and where you are.
    I heard they moved to Florida somewhere, I believe.
    Please contact me so I can contact your parents.
    I hope you are well. Enjoyed this blog.
    Susan Goldsmith 404-556-3025
    coryrachel@ Comcast .net

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