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July 2, 2017

The Yama-Bomber

You know what they say: What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Except when it DOESN’T…. It was a Saturday afternoon in the summer, and I was lounging at the Bellagio pool, Bloody Mary in one hand, an Erik Larson nerdy nonfiction laminated library book in the other. Mid-chapter on the tragic sinking of the Lusitania, I looked up to spot an adorable alabaster guy seeking shelter from the sun under a tiki hut, confidently sipping away on an umbrella-topped neon pink cocktail. I eventually joined him, and one drink soon turned into two (or five). We were actually both based in NYC and shared a number of mutual friends in the same Jewish circle. Before he and his friends had to head to the hotel spa for massages, we made plans to meet up back home. Our first date in NYC was as good as it gets, and I […]
June 26, 2017

The Uber Rating

  A lot of people ask me if I’ve ever dated anyone that I interviewed for Shabbatness. Questioning hundreds of eligible bachelors is certainly a good opportunity to meet someone. However, I really try to keep my personal and professional lives separate. Except for this one time… At the beginning of last year, I interviewed a funny, successful, incredibly special guy who was literally a Conan O’Brien clone (y’all know I have a weakness for gingers), inside and out. I couldn’t stop thinking about him after our interview, and I texted him the next day. Quickly, I realized this guy checked ALL my boxes, from his love of travel and his awareness of current events, to his ability to relentlessly out-pun me in a battle of the wits. For some reason, as badly as I wished it, I just did not want to jump his bones, no matter how much fun […]
June 19, 2017

Ode to Dad, the Gatekeeper to my Heart: a Special Father’s Day Edition

  At first sight, my dad doesn’t look too intimidating. In fact, he is often mistaken for a smaller, tanner Santa Claus. Clad in his cargo shorts, a t-shirt from a 10K he ran in the 80s, knee-high socks and sneakers, and a Georgia Tech cap, he spends his days cruising around with my mom in a golf cart, watching the Blacklist (shout out to Aram!), or golfing with his buddies in the retirement community of The Villages, FL. Yes, he may seem harmless when he orders the Rooty Tooty Fresh n’ Fruity off the senior menu at IHOP, but this guy is tough as nails. Many people have no idea that my dad grew up as an only child to two deaf parents in a rough neighborhood of Atlanta. Born with hearing, my dad was raised with sign language as his first language, and he often served as a […]
June 4, 2017

The Loofah

As a matchmaker, many people feel inclined to share with me how they met their exes. Truthfully, I want to know how you BROKE UP. Breaking up is rarely a result of something as black and white as cheating or getting punched in the face. In fact, it’s more likely to be triggered by the 500th time he left the toilet seat up (is it that hard to aim?) or that one last time she dropped a huge toothpaste schmear on the sink (and left it overnight to harden). My longest relationship of three years ended over a loofah. My ex was a dermatologist with a raging case of OCD; he never failed to let me know that I didn’t fold his socks correctly nor rinsed both sides of my contact lenses long enough. He thought he was being constructive, and I felt attacked — but neither of us ever […]