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July 30, 2018

Lucky in Love

“I feel so lucky to be here with you,” I told my then-boyfriend as our waiter, donning a karate belt and headband, wrapped up a “disappearing chopstick” trick at our table at Ninja Castle. “I never use the word luck because no such thing exists,” my BF told me. “Luck is just when preparation meets opportunity.” In awe over the rose that suddenly appeared out of smoke on our dessert plate, he was clearly a believer of ninja magic – though he apparently did not believe in “luck”. Little did I know that his “preparation meets opportunity” mantra would be repeated so often throughout our long relationship that I gradually conditioned myself to also avoid the luck word entirely. (It was when I realized I also began avoiding another L-word a couple years later that we were doomed.) Flash-forward to this past week, which I spent with Nana Roza, my […]
June 11, 2018

The One-Hour Date: (Don’t) Take Me Out to the Ballgame

For my 22nd birthday, my Nana Roza bought me a three-month subscription to JDate. Having graduated college early to start my dream job in Atlanta a few weeks before, I was excited to get situated down South and make new friends! With my recently adopted rescue puppy and an awesome new apartment (oh, how I miss the ATL housing market), I was ready to meet a nice Jewish boy. I started chatting on JDate almost immediately with a guy named Joel*, who engaged me in witty banter as we learned we had some pretty cool things in common. A fellow Georgetown Hoya who had even graduated from my high school a few years before me, he and I also shared a love of Atlanta sports teams and a weakness for fro-yo. Joel soon planned a very thoughtful first date of an Atlanta Braves game followed by cocktails at The Sun […]
May 21, 2018

My Mom: The Masterpiece

“I know it sounds crazy, but this is really important. You have less than 24 hours. Can you make it happen?” It was my second week at my new job. I was 21, a shiny new grad anxious to please my boss. But this was insane. On the day before the grand opening of my boss’s namesake academy in south Atlanta, my boss told me I had to find a painting of a scary old woman mounted in an antique, ornate gold frame. It needed to be just the right size to fit in the space above the fireplace in the library next to the special hidden bookcase entrance to the main classroom. (Yes, this was a very special school.) There would be hundreds of people walking through the school that day, including the new students, staff, important donors and members of the media.  As Special Assistant to a public […]
April 23, 2018

See It For Yourself

The day had finally come. I was 17. I had waited a bit longer than most of my friends, and I wasn’t the least bit nervous. In fact, I was anxious to just get it over with as soon as possible. It was time to take my driver’s license exam! With my new shiny Georgia license in hand, I couldn’t wait to get a car of my very own to drive the lengthy daily commute from my hometown of Johns Creek to my high school in Sandy Springs. All I wanted to drive was a Volkswagen Beetle. As the fullback on the soccer team and a diehard Atlanta Braves fan (Go Javy Lopez!), no one would’ve guessed I wanted my bug to be bright pink, complete with a fresh daisy in the dashboard vase. With savings from my Bat Mitzvah and my after-school tutoring job, I had everything lined up… […]