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March 26, 2018

Sweets and Swipes

I’ve struggled with an addiction for almost half of my life. It started young – in high school – and it’s gotten worse with time. I succumb to my cravings on a daily basis, often multiple times each day. To this day, I’ve never even tried a cigarette nor gotten high on marijuana – yet, for the past fifteen years, I can’t stop inhaling a fine, white powder that is undoubtedly taking a toll on my health. Stevia. Erythritol. Sucralose. Xylitol. Aspartame. You name it, I’ve tried it, but Splenda is my drug of choice. Interventions have failed to get me to stop. Then, last week, my friend Arianne invited me to join her for a 7-day #SugarFreeChallenge in which we pledged to give up added sugars, including sugar substitutes. I DID IT! And it was liberating! (It wasn’t easy, though – I’ll admit I had the help of Sweet […]
March 5, 2018

High School Heartbreak

“I’ll bet you $20 that your boyfriend’s cheating on you, and I’ll prove it to you with THIS!” my friend Derek* exclaimed, whipping out a Kodak disposable camera from his bookbag as he slid into the seat next to me on the bus. “In fact, I’ll do it this morning and have the photos of the two of them making out all over the place for you by tomorrow.” I had befriended Derek and met Jason, my first boyfriend, riding the magnet school bus, which drove a group of us students from Johns Creek, Georgia, to two different charter schools in the city. Derek, a skilled skateboarder with a penchant for punk rock, JNCO jeans, and heavy eyeliner, and Jason, an adorable band nerd that was never without his Harry Potter glasses, black leather jacket, and personalized trumpet case, studied at the arts and music school a short drive from […]
February 20, 2018

Dissin’ Disney

It was Valentine’s Day. My boyfriend and I had waited forever to finally do this, and the time had come. We were about to do something we had never done together before. Unfortunately, we hadn’t anticipated that, in just over three minutes, it would all be over… and we would be left with massive disappointment and the desperate desire to Purell ourselves from head to toe. We had just gotten off the Thunder Mountain Railroad at Disney World in Orlando, Florida. What I believed would be an unforgettably romantic Valentine’s Day ended up being an unexpectedly enlightening one for my relationship. Like so many others all over the world, Disney had a profound impact on my childhood. Aladdin was one of my very first crushes (that hairless chest! That cap that looks like a yarmulke!), and Bambi was the first movie that ever made me cry (really Walt, couldn’t you […]
February 4, 2018

Keeping Score: Super Bowl Sunday Edition

The buffalo chicken dip went flying in the air, splattering all over my Polamalu jersey as I flew forward, banging my head on the plastic divider of the taxi. The driver had rear-ended another car at a red light, and I was now going to be incredibly late to the Super Bowl party I was co-hosting with my then-boyfriend Pat*. I texted Pat about the accident and warned him I was running late, and he replied, “Just don’t forget that buffalo chicken dip.” I was seething. This was my eighth consecutive trip up to his place in the Upper East Side from my downtown pad, and after buying all of the supplies for our party, I only got more pissed as my banged up, blue-cheesed self schlepped everything upstairs by myself from the cab. When I got up to the party, Pat was pacing, screaming at every play as the Steelers […]